Monday, 2 July 2012

♬ LOTD | Clothes #2 ♬

Hello everyone!
It's been a week since I started doing the LOTD feature and I love it. I enjoy letting you all know what I'm 'loving' for the day and reading everyone else's post. Are you enjoying these posts?

If you're wondering what LOTD is then head on over to Louise's blog and read this post or you can read my post here.

Monday's are always featuring clothes, which is great for me because I am constantly browsing Topshop, ASOS etc lusting over beautiful clothing, which isn't very good for my bank account. 

Ever since I lay eyes on these Topshop Flock Heart Knicker Shorts I can't stop thinking about them. I literally need them. They are so pretty and scream summer. I'm waiting for the weather to heat up a bit before I take the plunge and buy them because I'm worried I won't get the wear out of them and they're not exactly cheap at £36. Although I am tempted to buy them to just stare at them with lots of 'ooohing' and 'ahhing' because they're just too pretty! 

Here's a cheeky picture I posted on instagram of me wearing them! I just adore them, I have a size 10 on in the picture though and they were a little big so excuse the odd shape of them on me! 

Join in with the fun at Sprinkle of Glitter! And read Louise's Clothing LOTD here.

How do you feel about these shorts? What are your favourite online clothing stores?

'Til Next Time,
Carys xox

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