Thursday, 26 July 2012

✿ Current Book Wishlist ✿

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
She's Come Undone - Wally Lamb
The Book of Lies - Mary Horlock
The Fault in our Stars - John Green

I thought I'd do a quick book post today. I don't really speak about books a lot, I don't think I ever have actually but I love reading. I also thought it would be a nice change from beauty or fashion. I've only read 3 books this year which is pretty shocking so I need to get into a routine of reading again, I miss it. I can't wait until I have some money so I can buy and read all of these.

What are some of your favourite books? Have you read any of these?

'Til Next Time,
Carys xox


  1. i am reading a book at the moment called 'Me Before You' buy JoJo Moyes, i am just over half way through, so cheating slightly, but the story is so lovely and i would definatly recomend it. (it will probs have a really dissapointing ending now!) :) Xx

    1. I just looked it up on Amazon and it looks really good. I really want to read it now, knowing it's based around the quality of life and choosing to die etc. has really interested me so I am definitely going to be reading it :) Thank-you so much for the recommendation! Let me know what you thought when you've finished reading it, I'd love to hear :) xox

    2. oh good, i definately will! you're welcome, i hope you enjoy it if you do read it! :) Xx

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