Sunday, 30 September 2012

♡ Fortnight in Photos #2 ♡

Chemistry revision // Food shopping with mama-bear // Fairy lights // Docs weather // Off to cardiff for some shopping // Favourite // Cwtches with Judy // Sixth Form // Maths revision in bed // Skinny Latte // Rainy rain // Cleaned and made food, domestic goddess // Pretty pastel flowers from mama-bear // Off to the cinema with Mick to see Paranorman 3D // Pesto and veg // Being posey

The past two weeks have been filled with revision and rain. I went to see paranorman 3D with my boyfriend and it was really good. I was surprised I enjoyed it so much considering it was a childrens film but it was so cute (and actually really funny), I recommend it.
I've also been watching the big bang theory a lot. My boyfriend bought series 1 to 5 and I haven't stopped watching them since. I think it is so so funny and if you haven't already seen it then I think you should.
It was also my boyfriends birthday this weekend (its mine in only 6 days yay) and we went out for some yummy food and then a drink with all his friends and fam. It was a really nice night.

What have you been up to this weekend?

'Til Next Time,

Sunday, 23 September 2012

☼ DIY; Glycolic Face Mask using Pineapple ☼

So, after doing a little bit of research on glycolic acid as I have been hearing lots about it the skincare world at the moment, I found out that pineapples were a great, natural and cheap source of it, so I decided to have a go at making myself a diy face mask using pineapples. All the ingredients for this face mask came to around £6.50 and you can get many, many uses from them, so definitely a great, purse friendly mask.

What you will need: 

  • Organic or Natural Honey
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Pinapple
  • A bowl
  • Something to mix and mash the face mask - I used a potato masher and then a hand blender


  • Pineapples contain AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) which chemically exfoliate the skin. Sounds a little scary but it helps get rid of dead skin cells and leaves your skin incredibly smooth. Chemical exfoliatants are great for spot removal and prevention. The AHA's in Pineapple's are also known to have anti-ageing effects. Pineapple is also a gentle astringent which helps with visible pores and leaves skin feeling refreshed and healthy.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a perfect addition to the mask as it helps to nourish and moisturize the skin. Unlike some other oils, olive oil will wash away easily leaving skin feeling supple and nourished.
  • Organic Honey is also another great way of moisturising the skin. I regularly use organic honey on it's own as a mask when my skin is feeling dry as it has great moisturising properties. Honey may also reduce inflammation and swelling which is great if you have any sore spots etc.
How to:
  1. Cut the pineapple into two rings making sure the outer layer of spikey skin and the hardness in the center have been removed.
  2. Place pineapple rings in a bowl and begin to mash and blend until satisfied.
  3. Measure 1tsp of organic honey and 3tsps of extra virgin olive oil. Pour these into the mixture and blend/mix until happy. The mixture should be a thin consistency and have very small chunks of pineapple in it.
  4. Rub the mixture all over your face (make sure it has been cleansed beforehand) avoiding the eye area, until you have the desired amount on. This can get quite messy so I recommend doing it over a sink as the mixture is not very thick and it will drip and slide off your face to begin with.
  5. Once you have desired amount on your face then lie down and relax for 10-20 minutes.
  6. Wash away gently with warm water and finish with a splash of cold water to close pores. Then gently pat dry with a clean towel.
  7. Follow with a moisturiser to lock everything in.
The Results

My skin felt really supple and smooth after using this mask. It did sting and irritate my skin a little whilst it was on but this did not affect my skin negatively afterwards at all. My skin felts nourished and around my nose, chin and forehead, where my skin tends to be very uneven, was very smooth. I also noticed that my skin looked 'glowing' and it was much more clearer for the following days. It did leave a little bit of a film over my skin but that had disappeared by the next morning. I really liked the effects of this mask and will definitely make and use it again! I recommend only using this mask 1-2 times a week otherwise it may be too harsh.

Will you be trying this mask?

'Til Next Time,

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

☼ J.W Anderson for Topshop; My Picks ☼

I don't really care much for Topshop Collab's but this one really impressed me. Everything is just so lovely, from the nautical theme throughout to the quirky paisley and animal prints. You can see some of my favorites above. I especially like the quilted spider print shirt and the tortoise printed t-shirt which I may just buy, although £30 is a lot for a t-shirt, but the print is too cute. I also love the ghost jumper but I think almost £70 is a little bit excessive, if only.
I also like how they have included a range of iPhone and iPad cases and notepads within the collection all with some of the quirky prints on them. There are also posters in the collection, along with rulers, an umbrella, a broach etc, which I think is a nice touch and kind-of brings everything together.

What do you like about this collection? What would you buy if you could?

'Til Next Time,

Sunday, 16 September 2012

☁ Fortnight in Photos #1 ☁

Oh Comely // Casual Friday // Wilko's things to review // Missed the postman sigh // Cuddles with my boyfriend and his dog // Self // A night filled with maths // Reading & tea // New post // Blogging in bed // School uniform // Ribena yum// ASOS shoe lust // clean window cill / Me and my boyf at a family meal // Outfit

I haven't really done a lot over the past two weeks. I've been out for two family meals which were very yummy indeed and have been getting used to being back at school sigh. I'm enjoying my AS levels so far though. I was worried about maths but it's actually not too bad and the books I'm reading for english literature are actually pretty interesting. 
I'm sorry that posts have been a little sparse lately but they should be more frequent this week and on wards. I've made myself a little schedule and I should be posting around 3 posts a week which will be nice because I've missed having the time to blog and being organised. 
Look out for a budget spot removal post and a diy face mask post this week! 

What have you been up to over the past fortnight? How are you finding school/sixth form/college/uni?

'Til Next Time,
Carys xox

Thursday, 13 September 2012

★ Essie Nail Polish; My Thoughts ★

I was very intrigued by Essie's nail polish after hearing blogger after blogger and youtuber after youtuber saying how amazing they were. Also, the Essie shade range is beyond amazing and all the hype surrounding the nail polish's made them seem so amazing. At around £7.99 per bottle I was a bit hesitant, as I'm sure lots of other people are. When I saw a pack of two of Essie polish's at good ole' Tk Maxx for just £7.99 I couldn't resist. The pack came with one coloured polish and a base coat called "Nail Foundation".

I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the Essie polish I picked up which is in the shade Cocktail Bling and it's a beautiful grey/blue toned purple and I think it looks really good on my nails and with my skin tone.
 I believe I have this with the new brush because the brush is pretty wide which makes it so so easy to paint your nails perfectly and I always look for larger brushes when picking nail polishes. The formula of the polish is really nice, the perfect inbetween being thick and thin, it's not gloopy but it's not runny. I found it extremely easy to paint my nails with this polish which is really impressive. I was also impressed with the stay power of this polish, it stays for 4-5 days without chipping which is really helpful for me whilst I'm at school because I never find the time to change my polish regularly. Bear in mind that I've only tried one of the Essie Polishes and I know the formulation with different colours may vary but Cocktail Bling is very nice. The base coat is nice but I wouldn't repurchase in a hurry.

Overall I'm actually really impressed. I wouldn't say to run out and get one as they aren't the only polishes that are good out there but I do think you get what you pay for with these polishes, even if £7.99 is a little steep. I would definitely buy an Essie polish again if I was in love with the colour or if there was a good deal on. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

♡ Budget Muslin Cloths ~ A little Liz Earle Dupe ♡

I use a muslin cloth every time I wash my face. I love how it can gently exfoliate my skin leaving it feeling soft and supple and help deeply clean and take away any make-up. So I thought I'd share this amazing budget find with you. These muslin cloth's are 100% cotton and come in a pack of 1 for just 69p - yes you read that correctly, just 69p?! I was surprised by how low the price was so I thought I'd pick one up to see how they compare to my Liz Earle ones (which are not overly expensive at £4 for a pack of 2 but are hard to get hold of!). They are literally the same.  I can't tell a difference between them. These fabulous muslin cloths can be found at Home Bargains and I seriously recommend you check these cloths out, they are essential for my cleansing routine. I'm so happy with this find, I hope this helps someone out, maybe someone who's looking for some bargain muslin cloths? 

Have you tried these muslin cloths?

'Til Next Time,

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

♡ Geometric Mint ♡

Mint Crop Top ~ H&M // Geometric Necklace ~ Dorothy Perkins // Cardigan ~ Newlook // High Waist Jegging ~ Newlook

I took some photo's of my outfit in a new area of my room. I'm sorry there aren't many photo's for this ootd but I didn't expect to be using them. Do you like the new background? I much prefer it but I find it really difficult taking photo's of my outfit's whether it's just me and the tripod or someone else is helping me out.
I really love these high waist jeggings I got from Newlook. They are almost like a thick pair of leggings with pockets and a button and are so so comfy. I originally got them for school but I'm definitely going to buy another pair in maybe a grey or wine colour. I also love this mint crop top from H&M. Massive bargain at £1.99 compared to the Topshop prices and again really comfy to wear although I did feel a little conscious of having my stomach on show. I also wore with this outfit my Topshop Vecra Studded Slippers and my Silver Casio, very casual indeed.
I've just started back at sixth form and it's ok so far. I'm excited to start my Biology, English and Chemistry A-level's but not so much maths. It's really worn me out though, I'm currently feeling pretty run down due to me waking up at around 7 o'clock every morning (I'm not use to being up bright & early!). I'm sure I'll get used to it though.

How are you finding sixth form if you've just started? & how do you like the background?

'Til Next Time,

Monday, 3 September 2012

☺ Back-to-School Essentials ☺

As I'm starting sixth form tomorrow so I thought I'd do a post on what stationary and equipment I have bought and what are my essentials for going back to school. I'm doing 5 A-levels which are biology, chemistry, maths, english literature and then something called a Welsh Baccalaureate which is compulsory and something I don't particularly want to do. I'm actually really looking forward to starting sixth form and my A-levels and I'm feeling really motivated to try my hardest this year at school. Most of the things I got were purchased at Tesco/Asda or Wilkinson's just because they were the only decent places in my town and everything was pretty cheap which I was glad because my mum kindly got me everything I needed. Aw.

 2x Oxford Refill Pads ~ £1.43 at Tesco
I was going to get individual notepads for school but after realising how heavy that would be to carry around and how pointless it would be as I'd only be ripping out the paper to put into files, I decided to get 2 refill pads. These ones by Oxford are really nice, they even have a table to put your lesson timetable on inside the pad and they were a bargain at £1.43 each as the paper quality is really good.

1. Geometric Pencil Case ~ £2.00 at Wilkinson's
2. Coloured Pens ~ 49p at Tesco
3. Rubbers ~ Tesco & Wilkinson's
4. Papermate Pens ~ £1 at Wilkinson's
5. Pencils ~ £2 at Asda
6. Bic Coloured Pens for her ~ £2 at Asda
7. Folding Ruler ~ 93p at Tesco
8. Sharpie Highlighters ~ £2 at Asda

I hardly ever write in standard black or blue ink at school as I find writing in different colours helps me feel motivated to revise and take notes. I don't know why but I find it helps me to take in information and makes writing notes more interesting. I love the geometric pencil case from Wilko's, such a bargain at £2. 

Stripped Folder ~ £1.50 at Wilkinson's
Sweet Shop Folder ~ £1.50 at Wilkinson's 
Polka Dot Folder ~ £1.59 at Tesco

As you can see I still need to get one more folder as I didn't see any other ones that I fancied but I thought the sweet shop one was so adorable. The whole range at Wilko's is so nice.

Texet Scientific Calculator ~ £2.25 at Tesco

I already have a calculator but I couldn't resist picking this one up as it was only £2.25 which is crazy cheap for a scientific calculator. I guess it could be a back up if my other one breaks. These bookmarks were too cute to not buy, I thought they'd come in handy for the 2 books I'm reading for English Lit and they were super duper cheap.

So that's it, I'm just waiting on two books (The Time Machine & High Rise) for English literature and then I have everything. I've been very organised going back to school this time and it feels good.

Are you organised when it comes to school? Where do you love to buy your stationary? 

'Til Next Time,

Sunday, 2 September 2012

☮ Two Weeks In Pictures ☮

Shopping for school things in Swansea // Featured on // Results flowers from mama-bear // My Topshop Vecra's have served me well // New brush storage // Innocent smoothie's are my favourite // Room is looking cute // Another beautiful summer's day in Wales! // Topshop unique jumper // Waiting at the train station because shopping again in Cardiff // Casual day // New lipstick // Featured in the town's newspaper for my results // Mardi Gras at Cardiff! // Me and Alice at Mardi Gras // Being posey with my new lipstick

I haven't done much over the past two weeks apart from shop a lot for school supplies and laze around with my boyfriend. Although, I went to Mardi Gras yesterday at Cardiff with a group of friends and it was lots of fun. I am definitely going to attend next year, it was such a nice day out (I even sun burned a teeny bit) and it was nice spending time with lots of my friends whilst showing our support. I also went out for food tonight with lots of family and my boyfriend, and we had some amazing food. I'm oh so very full now.

I'm back in school on Tuesday, massive sigh, where I'll be starting sixth form and my a-levels, so I'm sorry in advanced if there is a lack of posting over the next week as I will be getting use to the work load etc. after that I should of worked out a schedule and I will be posting regular again!

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend!

'Til Next Time,