Thursday, 13 September 2012

★ Essie Nail Polish; My Thoughts ★

I was very intrigued by Essie's nail polish after hearing blogger after blogger and youtuber after youtuber saying how amazing they were. Also, the Essie shade range is beyond amazing and all the hype surrounding the nail polish's made them seem so amazing. At around £7.99 per bottle I was a bit hesitant, as I'm sure lots of other people are. When I saw a pack of two of Essie polish's at good ole' Tk Maxx for just £7.99 I couldn't resist. The pack came with one coloured polish and a base coat called "Nail Foundation".

I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the Essie polish I picked up which is in the shade Cocktail Bling and it's a beautiful grey/blue toned purple and I think it looks really good on my nails and with my skin tone.
 I believe I have this with the new brush because the brush is pretty wide which makes it so so easy to paint your nails perfectly and I always look for larger brushes when picking nail polishes. The formula of the polish is really nice, the perfect inbetween being thick and thin, it's not gloopy but it's not runny. I found it extremely easy to paint my nails with this polish which is really impressive. I was also impressed with the stay power of this polish, it stays for 4-5 days without chipping which is really helpful for me whilst I'm at school because I never find the time to change my polish regularly. Bear in mind that I've only tried one of the Essie Polishes and I know the formulation with different colours may vary but Cocktail Bling is very nice. The base coat is nice but I wouldn't repurchase in a hurry.

Overall I'm actually really impressed. I wouldn't say to run out and get one as they aren't the only polishes that are good out there but I do think you get what you pay for with these polishes, even if £7.99 is a little steep. I would definitely buy an Essie polish again if I was in love with the colour or if there was a good deal on. 

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