Wednesday, 19 September 2012

☼ J.W Anderson for Topshop; My Picks ☼

I don't really care much for Topshop Collab's but this one really impressed me. Everything is just so lovely, from the nautical theme throughout to the quirky paisley and animal prints. You can see some of my favorites above. I especially like the quilted spider print shirt and the tortoise printed t-shirt which I may just buy, although £30 is a lot for a t-shirt, but the print is too cute. I also love the ghost jumper but I think almost £70 is a little bit excessive, if only.
I also like how they have included a range of iPhone and iPad cases and notepads within the collection all with some of the quirky prints on them. There are also posters in the collection, along with rulers, an umbrella, a broach etc, which I think is a nice touch and kind-of brings everything together.

What do you like about this collection? What would you buy if you could?

'Til Next Time,

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