Wednesday, 18 July 2012

❀ ❀ Review; Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Gel Liner ❀ ❀

I was so excited when I saw that Collection 2000 were doing gel liners. Gel liners have been hugely popular in the blogging/beauty world and a staple for me ever since I first used one. This time last year they were more or less only available from higher end brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown etc. but since the release of the Maybelline gel liner many other high-street brands have followed, Collection 2000 being the cheapest to my knowledge. I know MUA are releasing some soon so I'd love to pick some of those up and do a comparison post as I believe they are cheaper.

I bought the liner in the shade "teal" as I already have a MAC Fluid line in dip-down (a deep, brown) and I fancied something a bit more exciting than the average black/brown and this colour screamed summer to me. 
The Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Gel Liners come in 4 colours - Brown, Black, Teal and Gold which I think is a pretty good range for the high-street although a purple would be nice hint. They retail at £4.99 (Bargain right?) and can be found at most stores that stock cosmetics, the most popular being Boots and Superdrug. 
I love how Collection 2000 have included a little "how to guide" on creating the perfect look with the product on the back of the packaging. A nice touch for someone who's a gel liner newbie. They also have included a little brush, pictured below, which I also think is a nice touch again for someone who's a gel liner newbie and may not have a brush. I didn't find much use for the brush as I found it applied the liner too thickly (I use the elf angled liner brush to apply!) but it's pretty handy for smudging the product on the lower lash line which is how I've been wearing this product this along with the infamous cat eye flick. 
 As you can see the packaging is pretty basic. A little glass jar with a little black lid. Not very impressive but it's about the product not the packaging right?
Pictured without flash
Pictured with flash
 The colour of this product is beautiful. A bright teal with a subtle sheen. So impressed with the colour and the pigmentation. Looks exactly how it does on the eye as it does in the jar!

Collection 2000 say... "these intense colour pigment pots will give up to 12 hours lasting wear, for a glossy finish to your essential eyeliner look."
Swatched once in natural light
I agree with the intense pigmentation but not so much the glossy finish. The product looks rather matte on my eyes but the subtle shimmer does give it a slight sheen. This product does last amazingly on my eyes, I was most impressed with the staying power which I thought was very comparable to my MAC fluid-line. Maybe not 12 hour wear but no liner stays for that amount of time on my watery eyes. 
The texture of this product is very surprising for a gel liner. Most are smooth and soft but this one seems to be quite hard and more like a tough cream eye-shadow which can make the product harder to load onto the brush and does make for a less smooth application. Although, I do think that it's odd texture is a plus as it can be worn as a very long lasting cream shadow (I've tried and it applies very nicely and stays like nobody's business) and I feel the texture aids the product in staying so long on the eye. 

All in all I love this gel liner. No worse than my MAC fluid-line (the only difference is the texture) so I am very impressed for the £4.99 price tag. I will definitely be picking up more of these in the future. Maybe the gold? Maybe the brown?

Have you tried these out yet? Will you be picking any up? Are you a fan of gel-liner?

'Til Next Time, 
Carys xox

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  1. I am a big fan of MAC's fluid liner in blacktrack, so I find this very interesting. I saw Urban Decay came out with one, but I have had the guts to spend money on it when MAC works well for me. This seems inexpensive enough to try.


    1. Same! I love my fluid-line but I was very impressed with this one for the price. The stay power was the same on my eyes only the mac one was smoother. I'll have to try the brown one so I can compare the pigmentation etc with the mac one in dip-down :) xox

  2. beautiful color!! id love to see pix of you wearing it ;)

    such a cute blog -- ill def be back

    follow me back??


    1. I think I'm going to post a face of the day wearing it soon :) Thank-you so much it's very appreciated :)