Thursday, 5 July 2012

☮ Love of the Day | Fact or Quote #2 ☮

Hello everyone!
If you're wondering what 'Love of the Day' is then wander over to the lovely Louise's blog and read this post or you can read mine here.

Today is Friday and Friday is always a LOTD that features a fact or quote that has inspired you/stood out/interested you etc etc. Check out Louise's post here, the quote she featured was really very wonderful and although it was a religious one and I am not religious in the slightest, it's really stuck with me and has really made me feel a little strength. It will be a great one for those tough times or just when you need a little something to keep on going.

 I firstly had no idea what I was going to feature this week so I had a little scroll through my Tumblr and I came across this quote.
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I chose this quote because I'm sometimes a very shy/awkward person and I tend to care a lot about what others think of me or how people see me. It's not a very good trait so when I read this quote I thought it was perfect for myself. I love it because It's so simple but it really makes me want to just stop caring about others and do things with a little more freedom. I've already saved this image to my phone so whenever I'm feeling a little concious about others I'm going to read over it and hopefully let loose a little bit. I hope this has had the same affect on someone else because I know many of us care a lot about others opinions and I really struggle to over come it but this makes me want to dance in public and gives me a little confidence boost. 

Join in with the fun at Sprinkle of Glitter! And read Louise's post here.

How did this quote make you feel? What's your favourite quote right now?

'Til Next Time,
Carys xox

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  1. That quote is perfect :) I'm also pretty shy and awkward and this message seems to be that you should have fun and ignore what you look like, definitely something I need to embrace
    Love it

    1. Aw that's soo good to hear! Me too, sometimes I just need to let loose a little bit :) xox