Tuesday, 26 June 2012

✌ LOTD | Blog Post #1 ✌

Hellooo everyone.

If you're wondering what "LOTD" (Love of the day) is, read my last post or visit the lovely Louise's blog.
Louise has decided that Tuesday's LOTD will be sharing a blog post that you have read and enjoyed/have learnt from/been inspired be/all that good stuff (as quoted by the lovely lady herself). You are able to chose one of your own blog posts or someone else's. I love the whole idea of sharing a blog post, definitely an opportunity to share some blogger love and positivity. 

I have chosen to share a blog post that I have literally just read from a lovely lady who's known by the name of A Thrifty Mrs, who I first discovered in one of Louise's vlog videos on YouTube, coincidence eh? 
I've been loving her blog lately and her recent blog post "eBay Craft Wishlist" has got me all inspired to get creative. I've already ordered the studs she mentioned in the blog to jazz up a plain H&M shirt of mine (£1.75 for 200? Couldn't say no). I love her blog anyway, she's always sharing wonderful "thrifty" and money saving tips, which is always helpful when I'm trying to save some pennies. Check her blog out, you won't regret it :) 

Join in the fun at Sprinkle Of Glitter 

Have any of you guys been getting 'creative' recently? Any other fans of A Thrifty Mrs? 

'Til Next Time,
Carys xox

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