Wednesday, 27 June 2012

☮ A Little Kukee Obsession ☮

Hello guys. I thought I'd let you all know about a wonderful little jewellery website I've stumbled across recently.
Kukee is a lovely jewellery site where items start from just £1. I know, what an amazing price right? I found out about this wonderful site whilst reading this post by a blog called little paper swans (which is a lovely blog and you should all check it out). I almost thought it was too good to be true, amazing and trendy jewellery at such low prices?! I'm pretty sure everything in the store is under around £7. Most things are around the £1-£3 mark which makes my bank account very happy and me even happier. 

A few pieces from the website that I'm lusting over:

Drop Anchor Earrings - 80p
Festival Peace Necklaces - £3 (for one) 
Charm Bracelets - £2 (for one) - I especially like the little planet one!
Above Knuckle Ring - £1.50 for either silver or gold
Multi Cross Necklace 2 - £3.50 
They also have an offer on right where if you spend over £10 then you get a free cross charm ring with you purchase which is amazing. I haven't actually ordered anything from there yet but as soon as I have some money (PayPal is taking forever to release my funds :C ) I will definitely be ordering, probably all of the stuff above. I hope they still have the offer on when I get around to doing it.

They also have a Twitter and a Facebook where they do regular give-aways (there is one on right now.) They also have a blog which I suggest you follow. 

I'm just obsessed with them at the moment and I had to share this little find with you guys.
Would you guys be interested in me doing a give-away of some of this jewellery? Let me know down below as I'm definitely considering it!
Have any of you heard of Kukee before? Anyone purchased anything or done a review?

'Til next time,
Carys xox


  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing i will 100% checking them out!

    Megan xx

    1. Aw I'm soo glad to hear, you won't regret it :) xo

  2. wow I love the peace charms and necklaces :) how would you rate their quality??

    1. Sorry I can't let you know at the moment as I haven't had a chance (or the money) to order anything from there yet! When I do would you like a little review? I think I'll be doing one anyway :) xo

  3. I'd never heard of kukee before, but I have to check them out now after seeing this, I LOVE the festival peace necklaces, I want all 3!!
    Eleanor x

    1. You totally should, the website is really awesome! Me too! xox