Sunday, 1 April 2012

❀ Up-coming posts ❀

Hello there, just thought I'd let you all know about some posts I'm planning to do soon! I'm trying to get my blog 'up and running' again as I love writing posts as there's no where else I can share my unhealthy obsession with beauty!

  • Favorite Spring Nail Polish's
  • Outfit Posts (I now have a tripod yay)
  • Favorite Perfumes/Perfume Collection
  • Colourful Spring Make-Up Look/Spring Ready Make-up
  • Spring Wishlist
  • Haul!
Any recommendations would be very helpful! 
What posts are you looking forward to, if any?

'Til Next Time, 
Carys xo


  1. u look gorgeous and i love ur post-ideas, definitely will check them out! xx