Tuesday, 17 April 2012

☺ LUSH Fresh Face Mask Review - BB Seaweed ☺

I have been a massive fan of LUSH ever since I first stepped into the store 3-4 years ago. I adore their skincare and I love treating myself to a bubble bar or a bath bomb!
One of my favorite skincare products they make are their 'Fresh Face Masks'. I've tried almost all of them but today I am reviewing the mask "BB Seaweed".

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask - £5.75

 I was recommended this face mask when I went into the store a few weeks back, initially looking for the well loved 'Brazened Honey' mask. One of the girls they sat me down next to the face mask counter and chose 3 face masks she'd recommend for my mostly normal but sometimes dry skin. She placed each one on my hand waited a few minutes and then washed them off so I could feel the effects of the masks before choosing one. She explained that the brazened honey mask would irritate my skin (as I explained I'd been breaking out) as it has high amounts of lime in it and recommended I should try it when my skin was feeling it's best, and that's when I decided to go with BB Seaweed as it left my hand feeling very soft indeed. (The people in lush are so so helpful and lovely to chat to and I totally recommend that if you want to purchase anything from there ask them to help you out!)

BB Seaweed is aimed at being a face mask for softening, cooling and reducing redness. 
It says on the website that it's mask made with men in mind but does not exclude women, but on the packaging it claims it's a mask for everyone, a tad confusing but I would recommend this mask for everyone although I don't know how it would work on a male but it works really well on my female skin. 

So, what's in BB Seaweed?
Lush say that:
There's honey, seaweed and aloe vera to soften and soothe. Olive oil to moisturise.  Fresh rose petals and rose absolute to reduce redness. Rosemary oil to regenerate the skin. All of this is held together with kaolin, ground almonds and millet flakes – so when you wash this off you are also gently exfoliating and removing dead skin.

I would personally agree with everything LUSH claim this mask to do (that's why I love LUSH, they're honest folk).
I've been loving using this mask 1-2 times a week as I've been a little stressed over exams and revision and I find everything about this mask relaxing and calming. I love how cooling and refreshing the mask is when I apply it on my face due to the fact you have to store it in the fridge because of the fresh ingredients although I still feel as if it relaxes me due to the rose floral and porriagy smell. Doesn't sound to great but I actually quite like it, the scent of a product never usually bothers me though. I do advise smelling this before purchasing as I can imagine some people not really enjoying the smell. 
The mask itself is thick and feels like porridge, it also has some fair-sized chunks of seaweed within it. When you wash the mask off it turns into a paste and the chunks of seaweed and other bits exfoliate the skin which removes any dead skin cells, dirt or traces of make-up from the skin. The exfoliating effect leaves skin feeling smooth and perfected. I love using this mask because I feel as if it re-news my skin and it's great as a pick-me-up on a miserable day. It also leaves my skin feeling and looking hydrated, healthy and naturally beautiful (although sometimes my skin can feel slightly tight after use.)
I have also noticed that this mask also reduces redness on my face, after use my skin is even and the redness around my chin, nose and on my cheeks has gone. Unfortunately these effects do not last for more than around an hour/2hours. 
I would recommend this mask for people with normal, combonation and oily skin types. I wouldn't recommend it for very dry skin types as sometimes it can leave my skin feeling tight, although that is my personal opinion and you won't know how it'll work for you until you try it. A mask I would recommend for very dry skin is the 'Oatifix' mask which I used to adore when my skin was very dry, it also smells delicious as it contains organic banana's, fine oatmeal and ground almonds, yum! LUSH also claim it's good for sensitive skin which I agree with as it did not irritate my slightly sensitive skin. The only downside to this product is that they have an expiry date (usually 3 weeks-1 month after purchasing) which is a bit annoying as you need to use the product up by then to gain the feel effects of the fresh ingredients .. but I'm willing to lump it for a great mask that makes my skin feel naturally beautiful and contains natural and fresh ingredients! 

So I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any advice or feedback on how I could improve my reviews or the format of my reviews I'd love to hear it, I'm all about constructive criticism! 

Have you tried any LUSH Fresh Face Masks? Which are your favorites?

'Til Next Time,
Carys xox


  1. This sounds lovely. I've wanted to try a Lush face mask for ages so this might be the one! x


    1. I couldn't recommend it anymore! I really hope this review was helpful :) xox

  2. Loving how the face mask looks like peanut butter :P You're so so pretty, I love your hair colour.

    Just dropping by to tell you I added you to the "candidates" list for my giveaway :)

    xo Joana

    1. It does, I only just realised! Haha. Wow thank-you so much, I love your blog, can't believe I wasn't following it until now :) Thank-you xox

  3. i love this mask!
    definitely reduces the redness in my cheeks.
    love your blog, babe.