Sunday, 19 August 2012

♡ ♡ Nail of the Day; Disco Lilac ♡ ♡

Hello everyone.
I haven't done a nail related post in ageeeees so I thought I'd share newly discovered nail combination that I absolutely adore and can see myself constantly wearing it for the next few weeks.

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Lucky Lilac 50
Essence Nail Art Special Effects Topper in Disco Disco 11

I am absolutely in love with this combo at the moment, I've never really been a fan of glitter on my nails but I am in looove with the Essence Topper. The chunky silver glitter looks lovely over the No7 pastel lilac and I assume it'll look nice over any shade. It's a really nice quality polish, dries quickly and has a beautiful iridescence. 
I actually won the essence polish in the lovely Eyelyn's give-away recently so sorry UK followers, it's not available here *sigh*. I'm sure there are lots of similar top coats around though.

There will be lots of skin-care and hair-care reviews coming soon so look out for them!

What's your favourite nail combo? What's your go-to brand of nail polish?

'Til Next Time,
Carys xox

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  1. This is a cute combo, I love wearing that glitter over pastel shades too :) x

  2. That glitter topcoat looks gorgeous, shame we cant get it here in the UK or i would have picked it up! x

  3. so cute.. thanks for sharing this