Friday, 31 August 2012

⋆⋆ MAC Morange ⋆⋆

I bought a new MAC lipstick recently as I had been lusting over it for months and I thought I should treat myself for doing so well in my exams. MAC Morange is the perfect lipstick for me. It's my answer to a red lip as bright red lipstick can really bring the pink and red tones out in my skin which often makes me look overly flushed and leaves my skin looking un-even. MAC Morange works really well for me because it's a neon orange with a hint of red. I absolutely adore it.

M.A.C Amplified Creme Lipstick in Morange ~ £14

I ordered the lipstick from Debenhams as beauty card holders get free delivery and I wasn't going anywhere near a MAC store (even though I ended up in one before it arrived, typical). 
It took around 6 days to come (but I did order it over a bank holiday) which was far too long for my impatient self.
The formula of this lipstick is absolutely perfect. It's so creamy to apply and goes on as a very strong colour with just one application. It's nice and moisturizing on my lips with a subtle sheen but after around 1-2 hours it begins to dry out and change into more of a matte finish which keeps the lipstick on for 3-4 hours +. 
It's safe to say I am in love with this lipstick and I can see myself not being able to stop myself from wearing it. I definitely think MAC lipsticks are worth the price especially the amplified finish range as Morange has a beautiful formula.

Have you tried Morange? What's your current favourite lipstick?

'Til Next Time,

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  1. Aw it's a lovely colour! :) It suits you! I love my "Russian Red" Mac lipstick, which I still need to post about. I want more of their lipsticks now but I don't think an orange lipstick would suit me or my skin tone! xx

    1. Thank-you :D Oh I bet red lips look really good on you, I love red lips and dark hair :) Me too! Not sure which one to get next though :) xox

  2. This looks beautiful, I love it!

  3. That looks stunning on you! x