Sunday, 7 October 2012

★ Review; Wilkinson's Fruity Range ★

So I was sent a few lovely things from the Wilkinson's Fruits Range recently and I've been so eager to write a review. I love Wilkinson's  you can find so many nice things there at really low prices but they still good quality. The cards they sell are lovely and I am a big fan of their stationary so when I was contacted by Nikki on behalf of Wilkinson's PR I did not hesitate to say no to her sending me over a few things. I was not sent everything featured in this post as I went out and bought some extra things so I could do a full range review for you. I'll mark the ones that were sent to be with an asterix for convenience but as always this will be a completely honest review.  

"Sit back and relax in a warm tub with these bottles of fantastic smelling foam bubble baths. The scents of spices and natural fruit extracts will help soothe the whole family after a busy day. Available in black-currant  berry and vanilla & honey."
This is one of my favorite things from the range. The smell is oh so very delicious and the scent really helps to relax me whilst in the bath. I urge you to have a sniff of this next time you're near a Wilkinson's. The product itself  lathers up really well and actually adds a little silkiness to the bath which is what I look for in bubble-bath products. I was so surprised to see this huge bottle was only a £1! Yes you heard my correctly just £1 which makes my bank account very happy indeed. I will definitely be repurchasing along with the other scents. 

"Designed to maintain your hair's radiant shine. Available in tropical, berry and citrus"
So I am a little bit in the middle with this product. It has a lovely tropical, water melon scent which smells really fresh and clean in my hair and really revives it on in-between washing kind-of days but I'm a little worried about using it as it contains alcohol which I believe can dry your hair out. It's great for freshening up and I will definitely contain to use it but I'm not 100% sure I would repurchase it yet.

"Fabulously fruity and tantalising, these shower creams gently cleanse and moisturise the skin while the delicious fragrance is truly refreshing. Available in citrus, lemon, minty and tropical."
This was probably the disappointing product for me. It's not bad, it's just a bit average. I don't really find it moisturising and I don't like the other scents. The coconut one smells exactly like the body shop coconut range so if you're looking for something like that on a budget then this is perfect. I prefer more fresh/fruity scents in the shower/bath though. Although it is only a pound and I still think it is great value for the price I don't think I would repurchase.

Wilko Fruity Hand Sanitiser in Berry 50ml ~ 50p each
"These instant hand sanitisers are a convenient, effective and hygienic alternative to washing hands when soap and water is not available  Killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and drying instantly, they are ideal for on the go. Available in berry and citrus."
I love this product so much. I don't think I'll ever buy another sanitiser to put in my bag. It's a small, 50ml tube which is great as it fits right into any of my bags and it smells amazing. Every time I get this out someone always says how lovely it smells. It's also a really nice sanitiser as it is one of the only ones I've used where it doesn't dry out my hands, which is a must at this time of year. Chapped hands are not sexy. I have repurchased and will continue too!

Wilko Fruity Shower Smoothie in Berry* 200ml ~ £1 each or two for £1.50
"Skin will be in for a real treat with these smoothing body scrubs. Each contains tiny grains of walnut shell, which gently polish skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth. Available in blackcurrant, vanilla & honey and berry."
Another product that I really enjoyed using. It has a lovely fresh berry scent and lathers up extremely well. The grains of walnut shell really do polish my skin without being too abrasive and it feels a lot smoother and softer after use. My skin feels especially nice when I use this whilst having the foam bath in the bath too. This has become my second favorite shower wash (just after soap and glory's clean on me) and it's on £1 which makes my bank account scream yay. I will definitely repurchase.

Wilko fruity hand-wash in Sweet Vanilla & Honey 50ml ~ £1 each or two for £1.50
"Keep hands cleansed, moisturised and smelling super fruity with these cute bottles of hand wash. Available in blackcurrant, vanilla & honey and berry."
Another lovely product. I haven't tried too many hand washes but this is my favorite. It has that lovely vanilla & honey scent like the foam bath and is actually the only hand wash I've tried which doesn't make my hands feel dry and tight after use. The bottle looks nice on my sink too. It's a pleasure to use and I will be repurchasing.

Overall I love this range. You can actually get everything I bought here for just £4.50 which is amazing value for money. I highly recommend you have a look at this range next time you're near a Wilkinson's. They also do little gift sets in this range which include hand cream, bath salts, bath bombs etc.which are great little presents for Christmas, especially if you're on a budget.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. I'm thinking about doing a range review on soap and glory soon too if you would like to see that?

Have you tried anything from this range?

'Til Next Time,


  1. I've not heard about this range before, but it looks amazing, especially for the price!


  2. I know, I was so surprised at the prices! x x

  3. I am going to have to check these out, esp the hand santizer at 50p!! That's £2 cheaper than the ones I get from The Body Shop xo

    1. I totally recommend you do, I love mine :) I didn't know the Body Shop did sanitisers, they sound really nice :) x x

  4. they all sound so delicious hahah! the hand sanitizer sounds amazing I really want to try out a nice fruity one and I actually like the sound of the coconut shower cream, I lovveee coconut scents xxxx