Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween "Scary Eyes" Nails! + Tutorial

I couldn't sleep Friday night so I decided to do something fun/new/interesting with my nails! I saw a design very similar to the one above on Tumblr, and thought it looked pretty simple and decided to try it out :-) I am very pleased with the results and I have received many compliments on them, it was quick and easy to create also! :-)

  • Apply a base-coat to you nails, I used No.7's "So Smooth" Base-coat. This will protect your nails from any damage from the nail polish.
  • Apply an opaque coat of white nail polish to all of your nails. I used Natural Collection's "Nail Tip Whitener".
  • With the brush/applicator of any nail polish that is an appropriate colour for an eye, and dab it into the centre of the nail. This should create the larger circle, or "iris", of the design. I used No.7's "Stay Perfect" nail polish in "320 - Minty Fresh".
  • Then using the tip of a bobby pin or hair slide, dip it into a dark coloured nail polish, preferably black, and dab it into the centre of the larger circle you previously created. This will be the pupil of the eye. I used Barry M Nail Polish in "292 - Navy".
  • Then get a tooth pick and dip it into the same white nail polish that you used as a base, and place it on the right, or left, side of the "pupil" or the small, darker circle you just created. This will make the eye stand out and look more realistic. 
  • Then use another tooth pick and dip it into a red shade of nail polish. Create lines that flick out at the ends, rather like branches on a tree, around the eye until satisfied, I did it 5/6 times. This will act as the blood vessels surrounding the eye, and make the eye seem more "scary". I used Collection 2000's "Hot Looks" Nail Polish in "28 - Hip Hop"
  • If you want to make your nails look more detailed then use a peachy colour and place that, with a tooth pick, alongside the red colour you applied beforehand. This will add shading to the nails, and again make them look more detailed and realistic. I used Barry M Nail Polish in "318 - Peach Melba".
  • Then apply your favourite top-coat. I used No.7's "Stay Perfect" Quick drying top-coat.
  • Then you should have Halloween ready nails :-) 
I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy nail tutorial and I'd love to hear if you wanted any more tutorials? Or any other requests, just leave them in the comments below! Thanks :-)

                    'Til next time, 


  1. They look really awesome! Id love to see some more nail tutorials!

  2. this is amazing!!! I wanna do this for everyday nails!!! your so creative!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. They look amazing! I'm so jealous of your skill and steady hand! I always end up spending ages perfecting my left hand and then completely screwing up my right and getting nail varnish everywhere... :P <3

  4. woahh, these look a-mazing!
    you have some skill girl :') xo