Thursday, 1 November 2012

☺ Review; MAC Fluidline in 'Dipdown' ☺

Gel liner is a staple in my daily make-up routine, I love how smoothly and easily it applies which is why I will always wear it over liquid or pencil liner. MAC's Fluid-line in the shade 'Dipdown' is my absolute favorite and I will continue to repurchase it when it eventually runs out. I wear a brown liner because black looks far too harsh on my fair complexion but do not fret, these liners come in an array of shades. 
I heard many bloggers/vloggers talk about this gel liner so I decided to take the plunge and get it around this time last year after E.L.F's Cream Liner dried up on me (I would recommend the e.l.f liner for beginners though!). It was £14 which I think is fairly reasonable for this product and I will happily pay it again. I love this liner because it applies so smoothly. I use the E.L.F Angled Eye-liner brush which I love because it applies it perfectly. It glides on and makes using gel liner every day so effortless. It also lasts a very long time on my weepy eyes. This was the biggest reason I purchased a higher end liner because others would constantly smudge throughout the day, this one definitely doesn't. I'm also very impressed that it hasn't began to dry up yet lots of people said it does easily but mine doesn't even look close to drying up and I've had it for around a year now - there's still lots left too. 
I think this is the perfect gel liner and definitely worth a purchase if you're skeptical, I promise you will get your money's worth.
 I haven't tried the Maybelline Gel Liner but I am planning on trying it soon to do a comparison to see if there is a cheaper offering - let me know if you would like me to do a comparison post.

I hope this was helpful and thanks for reading!

What's your favorite gel liner?

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  1. great review..
    im currently using maybelline gel liner in brown..
    im loving it. Im using it everyday

    1. Oh I'd love to try that one and compare it to the MAC one :) x x