Monday, 1 April 2013

Hello April...

I love April. It means the start of Spring so this month will be all about spring cleaning for me. I'm giving my room a bit of a make-over and I am starting this by laying down some new wood flooring tomorrow, how exciting. I'm also getting a new bed and desk and some where nice to store my make-up (maybe a post on that when it's all done if you're interested). 
Sadly, April also means that the Summer exams are edging ever so closer so I'll also been revising like crazy. I have lots of literature coursework to finish up and I have 5 exams to study for, sigh. Hopefully blogging won't take a massive decline during this busy time - I will be trying my best to keep it up in-between all of the school work as I kind-of think it keeps me sane during this time of stress. 

What does April mean for you? 

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