Sunday, 23 December 2012

Recently #2 ❤

Last night - went to see the hobbit // Red lips // The cosiest // Oops // Cranberry green tea // Excited // In bed // South Park appreciation // Christmas top // Tree // Shopping in Cardiff // Mick left me to play sims // Candle lit // Yummy // New coat // New curtains // Diptyque freebie // Jan exams are taking over // Cute little cafe // Walking with the girls

I went to see The Hobbit last night with Mick and it was really good. I thought it may have dragged but I really enjoyed it despite the fidgety couple sitting next to us. 
I've just finished sixth form for Christmas so my days have been spent doing nothing or doing some christmas shopping. I've been so organised this year and I had everyone's presents bought and wrapped a week early, yay for being organised. I actually can't believe it's christmas eve tomorrow, I am so excited to spend christmas with my family, to eat nice food and give everyone my gifts. I also can't wait to receive some LUSH goodies from my parents as its become a little bit of a tradition in my house. 
I also bought these really cute curtains from Ikea, although they are massive (they're even too big for my patio doors) I think I've managed to make them look ok. 
At the start of the month I went on a weekend trip with my friends to a country park. We had to go to do a drug course from school but we stayed in a lovely place with the cutest little cafe. I kind of miss it now.

How are you spending your Christmas day? 
Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!!

p.s the winner of my Burt's Bees giveaway was Catherine from Lady Liquor Vintage

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  1. love the way you've laid the pictures out in this post. :)

  2. love this post :) where is the jacket from in your first image? im in love with it and ts exactly what i've been looking for!