Friday, 9 September 2011

Clarins? At Tk Maxx?

Something I really wanted to share with you guys, is something really lovely that I found at Tk Maxx last week!
I don't usually go in there, but sometimes, if I have a lot of time whilst shopping I'll pop in for a look around. I never usually see anything I like, except from the bags and furniture, but I decided to have a quick look at the beauty/skincare/haircare etc. and I'm soo glad I did!
 There were tonns of Clarins products, all for over half price! They had a really pretty pink lipstick, and lovely purple eye-shadow, a lot of skincare and a powder foundation, which surprisingly was in my shade, and a few other things.
 I was chuffed considering I have a huge love for Clarins skincare and trying their make-up was something I'd been interested for while now so I was pleased when I found this beauty :-)

Clarins Rouge Appeal Long-Lasting Lipstick in 12 - Orange Sorbet 
Nail Vanish - 'Hot to Trot' by No7
Swatched 3 times on the bottom, once on the top
The packaging with I absolutely love
This is one of my new favourite lipsticks! It's in a gorgeous bright orange colour, with a silvery, cool toned sheen, which is incredibly flattering for my blue eyes a pale complexion. It's smooth on the lips, and is very long lasting. Even though it's a very "summery" colour, I think it'll work for the Autumn. And it'll definitely be used next summer! The packaging is a lovely red colour. And is in a very abstract shape which I love, it's very unique. But the best part of this product was the price.. It was reduced from £15.50 to £5.99, which I think is a definite steal
Just thought I'd share this with you guys so you could pop to your local Tk Maxx and   take advantage of this! They also had make-up by eyeko, revlon, and calvin klein, so it's safe to say I'll be going back soon!

I'd also like to apologise the lack of posting but I'm thinking about filming a favourite products video? Anyone interested in something like that?

'Til next time,
                                     Carys xoxo


  1. That is such an amazing color.

  2. I do love that nail polish your wearing,
    Great blog, can't wait to check back soon,

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